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Intro to basic stokes, wet exits and re-entry techniques

This course will introduce you to basic strokes, wet exits and re-entry techniques. Your instructor will demonstrate and teach several re-entry methods including the T-rescue and paddle float rescue. Our Level 1 Strokes and Rescues class takes place on a protected and calm water body to enhance your learning experience. Prerequisites: This is a full day kayak program is an entry level class; no prior experience required. Participants should expect to be in their kayak for most of the day.


  • Kayak equipment overview

  • Kayak fitting

  • Correct lifting and carrying techniques

  • Forward and reverse strokes

  • Forward and reverse sweeps

  • Edging

  • Bracing

  • Self rescues

  • Group rescues

Full Day | $135.00


Call or email to schedule.

Tel: 610-742-5013


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