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Adventure Crafters specializes in kayak instruction and tours for individuals and small groups - beginners through experienced paddlers. Based in West Chester, PA with classes and tours from our private launch site in Queenstown, Maryland as well as many locations along the mid-Atlantic coast. - ABOUT US -




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Robert Schrack, co-owner of Adventure Crafters with his wife, Kerrie, believes that every paddling experience should be fun, safe and respectful of the environment. That philosophy, plus his enthusiasm for kayaking, has fueled Adventure Crafters kayak programs since 2004. When he isn't paddling or teaching in the Chesapeake Bay or on the Atlantic Ocean, Robert trains with top coaches in the US and UK. He has paddled the tidal races of Penrhyn Mawr and North Stacks in North Wales, volunteered at Sea Kayak Georgia's BCU Week, and taught and guided trips in Roatan, Honduras for Uncommon Adventures. Robert is an  Open Water Kayak Instructor with certifications in CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Canoe Safety.

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A note from our friends at SEA KAYAK GEORGIA:

If looking for excellent sea kayaking instruction in the mid Atlantic region, look no further than Robert Schrack. Robert has been a long term sea kayaking student and instructor going on

two decades. He values the continued honing of skills and sees on water development as a way of deeply understanding the water and the art of paddling


Robert came to sea kayaking as an avid outdoorsman with excellent mountaineering, snow sport and sailing skills which reflects in the name of his company. Sea kayaking is a natural extension of who he is as an athlete and instructor.  Fortunate to have excellent people skills, Robert communicates a humble, empathetic and honest style with his students in a productive way. He puts every effort into instructing with humility and fun with challenge as a way of self discovery.


Let Robert assist you with the technical skills of paddling development and show you a fun way to look at the water while gaining an understanding of navigation, Sea Kayak Georgia is so proud and happy to be colleagues and friends with Robert Schrack and recommend him as an exemplary part of the larger sea kayaking family that truly love and care about the development of the sport.

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