Our experienced staff will teach you the skills necessary to paddle safely and improve your paddling proficiency.  We specialize in individual and small group coaching for beginners to experienced paddlers.


Strokes and Rescue


  • Full day

  • Kayak equipment overview

  • Kayak fitting

  • Correct lifting and carrying techniques

  • Forward and reverse strokes

  • Forward and reverse sweeps

  • Edging

  • Bracing

  • Self rescues

  • Group rescues



This course will introduce you to basic stokes, wet exits and reentry techniques. Your instructor will demonstrate and teach several reentry methods including T-rescues, bow rescues and paddle float rescue.  Our Level 1 Strokes and Rescues class takes place on a protected and calm water body to enhance your learning experience.



This is a full day entry level class; no prior experience required. Participants should expect to be in their kayak for most of the day.

Full Day Class $175.00/per person


Stroke Refinement and Improved Rescues


  • Full day

  • Stroke refinement

  • Efficient movement

  • Boat control

  • Introduction to rolling



This full day class is designed to explore and expand the relationship between your body, boat and blade. With these tools you will learn the fundamental processes of boat control, body position, boat edging, and paddle strokes. We will also look at advanced stokes and the ability to quickly maneuver your boat.



LEVEL 1 -  Strokes and Rescue or equivalent kayak course/previous experience.

Full Day Class $175.00/per person


Stroke Refinement and Introduction to Ocean Environment 


  • Full day

  • Paddling on open water

  • Weather, tides and currents

  • Route selection

  • Basic navigation

  • Towing

  • Open water rescues

  • Equipment selection



This course is designed for the paddler who wants to venture into the ocean with increased stroke efficiency, better seamanship and boat control. This is a chance to put your essential strokes to work in the ocean environment complete with wind, wave and tidal current.



LEVEL 2 - Stroke Refinement and Improved Rescues or equivalent kayak course/previous experience.

Full Day Class $175.00/per person

Rolling & Bracing

Our rolling and bracing class is designed to teach you how to develop a safe and reliable roll. Having a reliable roll is fundamental in becoming comfortable in more challenging conditions. Since we work with you one on one or in small groups, you will have the ability to learn at your own pace. 


We believe that learning to roll can begin early in your paddling journey as it is the foundation to building confidence.

Half Day Class $135.00/per person

Private & Semi-private Instruction

Both on and off water topics to include strokes and stroke refinement, safety and rescue techniques, edging and boat control, bracing and rolling, surf zone strategies, seamanship and basic navigation. Classes are completely customized to meet the needs of the student.

Private $65.00/hr. (3 hr. minimum)

Semi-private $35.00/hr. per person (2 person/3 hr. minimum)

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Robert Schrack, co-owner of Adventure Crafters with his wife, Kerrie, believes that every paddling experience should be fun, safe and respectful of the environment. That philosophy, plus his enthusiasm for kayaking, has fueled Adventure Crafters since 2004. When he isn't paddling or teaching in the Chesapeake Bay or on the Atlantic Ocean, Robert trains with top coaches in the US and UK. He has paddled the tidal races of Penrhyn Mawr and North Stacks in North Wales, volunteered at Sea Kayak Georgia's BCU Week, and taught and guided trips in Roatan, Honduras for Uncommon Adventures. Robert is an ACA Level 4 open water kayak instructor with certifications in CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Canoe Safety.




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